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consumer unit change in taunton, somerset

Consumer Unit Change
Fuse-board | Fusebox Upgrade

Need To Replace An Old Fusebox With The New 18th Edition Consumer Unit In Taunton & Somerset?

Modern consumer units are made of; a main switch, residual current devices (RCD's / RCOB's) and circuit breakers (MCB's). These electrical units control the electricity around your home and offer protection and safety too. RCD switches are continuously monitoring the electrical currents in your home, should any electricity flow through an unintended path (including a person), then the electricity will be cut off in a fraction of a second (less than 0.4s usually) to dramatically reduce the risk of electric shock which could be fatal.

These modern style 18th Edition consumer units should be considered by home owners and landlords an essential item to provide electrical safety.

New consumer units are also far more convenient - With old style fuse boxes, when fuses blow you would need to rewire manually with a piece of thing wire (which are getting harder to obtain). With a modern unit, you can be up and running in no time with a flick of the switch. 

Taunton Electrician fusebox change
need to change consumer unit taunton, somerset

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Replacing A Fusebox With An 18th Edition Consumer Unit

Thinking of upgrading your fusebox, fuse-board or consumer unit?

Taunton Electrician will advise and provide you with a free quote, to do this we will need access to the property and do a quick check at the origin of the electrical installation

How long does fusebox replacement usually take?
It should take a certified electrician a full working day to replace a fuse board and carry out electrical testing to the existing circuits. Work which may also require upgraded meter tails and a main earth cable. If the electric meter isn’t located adjacent to the existing fuse board, it could take a bit longer

Will there be much damage to my property when upgrading my consumer unit?
If the fuse board is located adjacent to the electric meter, there isn’t any reason for a competent electrician to cause any damage to walls or ceilings. Consumer units are normally larger than old fuse boards, which will cover any existing fixing holes or any cable entry holes

Cost associated with fuse board replacement?
Fuse board upgrades should cost between £300 to £500 depending on your requirements and your homes existing electrical installation. We will carry out an on-site survey and will provide a fixed quotation for the works, which will include –

  • All materials including a top brand METAL fuse box (now in regulation) with breakers

  • 6 Year Guarantee on workmanship

  • 1 year parts warranty 

Will there be any additional work during a consumer unit replacement?
Electrical testing of all the existing circuits will be carried out by a certified electrician once the consumer unit has been installed. If there are any existing faults with the electrical installation, remedial work will be required at an additional cost, before an NICEIC Installation Certificate can be provided

Consumer Unit Replacements - VAT FREE QUOTES
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