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Electrical Installations
Sockets | Lighting | Heating

Professional Electrical Installation - When choosing an electrician for your next electrical project you will want to make sure they are a professional electrician to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and care. Even the choice of quality for appliances and fixtures play a role in the safety and aesthetics of the electrical system


Electrical System Installation -Taunton Electrician understand the importance of the design and installation of an electrical system, it requires knowledge, experience and skills. Without a professional electrician, your electrical system can suffer from improper installation processes such as; functionality, less output and electrical safety in your home, office or workplace. Make sure you seek a trusted electrician, not just for your home but for your office, workplace, neighbours or friends house. 

Electrical Wiring Installation - New wiring requires a design process only a qualified electrician can complete to ensure the highest levels of electrical safety. Damaged wiring is a fire-risk and can cause serious damages to your electrical system. You can trust Taunton Electrician to design, install and maintain your electrical wiring system in your home, office and workplace.

Lighting installation - Taunton Electrician have installed some of the most beautiful lighting in homes across Taunton & Somerset. Lighting can create the most ambient and relaxed atmospheres in your garden, kitchen and entire home. Contact us today and pay no VAT

  • Lighting Design and Installation

  • Sockets Installations

  • Automated App-Controlled Lighting Installation 

  • Installation of Additional Circuits

  • CCTV Installation

  • Security Alarm Installation

  • Networking And Data Installation

  • Heating Installations

  • Smart Installations

  • Garden Lighting Installations


How do you know when your home needs new wiring or additional circuits?

  • Electrical needs arise in homes for many reasons.

  • A new home may need additional wiring or more outlets to accommodate the electrical demands of modern appliances.

  • While an older home might need new circuits installed because it has outgrown its current circuit capacity.

  • No matter why you think your house may be suffering from a lack of electric supply, installing more circuits is the best way to ensure your appliances are getting the power they need

Can a plumber replace an electric shower?

It’s unlikely that unless specifically trained, and experienced to do so, a plumber will have insufficient knowledge and experience of electrical installations to carry out the work.

It is a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 that all persons carrying out electrical work must be competent to do so

Can I Or A Handyman Do Electrical Repairs?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to immediately spot an electrical issue and any good handyman will tell you that they can fix it themselves without a problem. Unfortunately, there is a problem - you or a handyman are not qualified to handle electrical work. In the UK it is illegal to undertake electrical work if you are not skilled and certified to do so. Electricians have to undergo years of extensive training and qualification processes to obtain their certification. Sure, a certificate may seem like a piece of paper, but that paper is something that can save your life or help you with a legal claim or insurance pay-out if an electrical fault has caused a fire or serious injury to someone within your property

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Electrical Installation
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