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House Rewiring In Taunton, Somerset

Property Rewiring Specialists
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At some point, you have probably heard of electrical re-wiring, rewire or new wiring but do you know what it actually involves?


Property Rewiring Specialists - A full rewire of a home is a fairly major project which will involve installing cables and wiring around your home and joining them to your sockets and fittings. The great thing about rewiring a house, flat or any property is the fact that you get the chance here to fully map out where you need sockets, appliances, switches and light fittings to make your life as easy as possible. To future-proof your home for modern day living. You can even think about things such as installing smart home features as part of your rewire. Devices such as speaker systems, automated lighting which are connected to smart devices or smart blinds as part of the electrical rewire


Specialist rewiring in Somerset is major work, as these cables will need to be laid under floorboards, within walls and across ceilings, so ideally this should be done when a house is empty. Your electrician will need to be able to access floorboards, and will be ‘chasing’ into walls, meaning that redecorating or plastering may need to be undertaken afterwards, therefore you may be required to consider additional contractors such as plasterers and decorators if you do not wish to undertake this work yourself. Taunton Electrician can provide you with any other professional work that needs doing such as plastering or general building work

Rewires take place in two parts - the first part is known as the first fix and is basically the installation of new cables and wires across the property. Part two, known as second fix is where the electricity is made live and the front faces of sockets, switches and lights are fitted. In between the first and second fix, a lot of work takes place that isn't related to electrics such as putting back carpets, filling holes and possibly redecorating.

Full house rewiring is usually a long (7-10 working days) and fairly difficult task. It involves few stages such as:

  • The first stage is the preparation stage, when depending on where the wires go, the ceiling or floor is opened up. Carpets or floors are always covered in order to protect them, all the drywalls are taken off and the wiring plan is made.

  • When all the old wires and electrical points are taken out. New chasing is made, new holes are drilled and cables are put in.

  • Then after the walls are plastered, the ceiling and floors recovered and kitchen tops constructed: the cables which are sticking out are connected to switches, sockets, lights, appliances and finally to the consumer unit.

Finally, when everything is connected an inspection is conducted to verify and certify the electrical condition.

At Taunton Electrician, we are experts in rewiring homes, so will work with you to understand the needs of your household. We will always explain clearly the work which we are undertaking and treat your home with the upmost respect. 

Need An Electrician To Rewire My Home / House / Flat / Kitchen / Property / Office / Workplace? 

Property Rewiring In Somerset

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Taunton Electrician property rewiring specialists

House Rewires - VAT FREE QUOTES

How long does a full rewire take?

Between 4-10 days on average but will depend on the size of the property and the electrical specifications. 

How much will it cost to rewire my home? 

We provide free quotes with no VAT charge on our services. Taunton Electrician rewiring prices start from £999 but can range up to thousands more depending on the size of the property and the scope of electrical work involved

How do I know if my property needs rewiring? 

We often get calls from property owners concerned about their home or rental property, wondering if it needs rewiring. Are there some simple signs that you can look for to know when your property needs to be rewired?
Here are some helpful guidelines to follow, but if you’re still not sure please feel free to contact us and we will talk through the situation with you.

Light fittings – are the light fittings such as pendant lights located near the windows rather than in the centre of the rooms? Often this is a sign that the property needs rewiring as the installations were done like this in the 1950s and ’60s and if the property had been rewired since then, usually the lights would have been moved to the centre of the room as per modern standards.
Sockets and Switches – are they old and worn? Often in the past bakelite sockets and switches were used. If these are still in use, the property is probably due for rewiring as they would have been replaced if any rewiring was done.
Fuse box – does the property have an old Wylex Fuse Box with rewireable fuses, or something similar? If the old fuse box is still in use, this is an indication that the property may need rewiring.
Generally – if you are renovating a property and one or several of these signs are evident, it’s worth getting an Electrical Installation Condition Report done, during which we test out all the wiring and can tell you for sure if the property needs rewiring or not.

How messy is it to rewire my property?

Taunton Electrician offer a clean, tidy and professional service, however when electrician rewire homes they would normally chase and chisel walls which intern can create a lot of dust and mess subsequently requiring the property re-plastered. We do however offer rewiring projects in external white PVC trunking which works out cheaper than traditional house rewiring.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Rewiring Homes
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